Idea & Objective

Participants of IS3E 2015
Participants of IS3E 2015

Systems Engineering with an International Perspective

The International Spring School on Systems Engineering (IS3E) is a cooperative course and addresses international PhD students of all disciplines whose working areas are intensely dealing with Systems Engineering (SE).

The aim is to encourage international scientific exchange of PhD students. During the five day course you discuss important literature, definitions as well as current and future topics in SE research. As a PhD student you will receive an intense, compact advanced training on SE and systems thinking by well-known international researchers.

Systems Engineering...
... is an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful systems. It focuses on defining customer needs and required functionality early in the development cycle, documenting requirements, then proceeding with design synthesis and system validation while considering the complete problem. [...]

Concept of IS3E
Concept of IS3E

SE Methods, Tools - PhD projects - SE Networks

Furthermore, you will gain insight into industrial implementation and application of SE. SE experts from several companies will give invited talks and participate in intense discussions on industrial SE requirements. A great variety of activities beside the academic exchange will complete the program.

Benefits for participating

  • Contribute your own research topic by giving a presentation followed by a discussion where you get valuable feedback by experienced scientists on SE.
  • Learn about industrial requirements and implementation of SE.
  • Exchange ideas with different disciplines and new input for your own work.
  • Building a sustainable international network with like-minded researchers who might provide valuable input for your future scientific careers.

Systems Engineering...
... integrates all the disciplines and specialty groups into a team effort forming a structured development process that proceeds from concept to production to operation. Systems Engineering considers both the business and the technical needs of all customers with the goal of providing a quality product that meets the user needs.



IS3E is organised by the Technical University of Munich (Institute of Product Development) and Fraunhofer Research Institution for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM and supported by DTU (Denmarks Technical University) and University of Twente.

The number of participants is limited to 20.
The course language will be English.
Participants gain 3 ECTS Points